Deep sea indigo chiffon patch dress

Deep sea indigo chiffon patch dress


A vintage inspired layering gown with heirloom styling to achieve this understated patchwork look. Easily styled with a slipdress underneath.

Extra fine 100% silk chiffon all naturally plant dyed a deep indigo in Bali
Transparent, shown with slip dress beneath, unlined
Triangle “patch” seam construction
Pull over (without zipper)
Bow detail at bodice

65” shoulder to floor, 18” across bodice
All measurements for size small, flat garments.

Model is wearing a size S Chiffon Patch Dress layered over a Slip Dress

Eco dry clean only

Made in the USA

Each AWAVEAWAKE garment is created using natural materials and dyed with botanical pigments. This organic process may result in sublet varieties in color and texture from piece to piece.

Wear in love and peace of mind, knowing that your garment is one of a kind, made with consideration for your health and the well being of the planet. 

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