Tehya Shea



Tehya Shea


Multidisciplinary artist, weaving together together stories, instincts and collected memories into textural landscapes of reflection and transformation.  Letting the imperfections of being human flow, allowing for the wild and untamed to inform the creations.  Taking the scattered, torn and forgotten and gently bringing them together into a graceful and cohesive whole that pays homage to, and even requires, the inherent flaws of the individual pieces.  The balance of dark and light, the honesty of rough and delicate give permission for imperfection to be honored as beauty.


pearl white waistband bias cut slip dress.


AWAVEAWAKE is as a second skin: sensual, natural, a part of the earth, with a throwback to another time and place, as a selkie, when my second skin would have been that of a seal.


Tehya Shea