Shiva Rose



I am Shiva Rose curator of the holistic life style web site The Local Rose and alchemist for the skin care line Shiva Rose Beauty.



Right now i am inspired by the mountains of Mount Shasta and the high vibrational feeling of love that I get from those peaks. I am currently working on a nourishing face mask for my line called Honey and Nectar Face Mask. I am always inspired by my Kundalini Practice and how it fills me up with light and love. 



I have so many pieces from AWAVEAWAKE because they feel that they have been made with care and high consciousness. The plant dyes, natural fibers, and feminine flattering designs make them easy and a joy to wear. I feel like I am part of the blossoming environment when I wear the clothes and not part of a manufactured commodity. 



I feel like my skin can breathe and that I am connecting to the Goddess world when wearing AWAVEAWAKE. It awakens us . . .

Tehya Shea