Flo Morrisey


My name is Flo Morrissey, I'm a singer and poetess living loving in London.



Shared my first album "tomorrow will be beautiful" in 2015 and this year in January a duets album of covers spanning from Frank Ocean to Roy Ayers - with Matthew E. white a musician/ producer from Virginia. Currently working on my second solo record here in London. 



My favourite style- the halter gown 💙💗❤️ in Ibiza with my friend Anouska Beckwith and another in lotus pink of California with Jaclyn and AWAVEAWAKE, shooting "a thousand petals"  with Max - best memories.. 



I feel AWAVEAWAKE is the ultimate mix of elegance and grace with strength and surety- all the most true parts of  these woman embodied. I know the dresses and pieces will move and flow with me as life does.. Collecting and wearing them since I was 18 and now I'm 22 they still fit / hold more meaning with time..




Tehya Shea