Cate Havstad


My name is Cate Havstad and I am a hatter and farmer based in Oregon.


Currently I am focused on creating my fall Hues of the High Desert Collection, featuring lifetime quality hats that have all been dyed naturally using plants from my High Desert home. Sage, rabbitbrush, willow, Oregon grape, pineapple weed, and yellowdock are some of the plants used to create the soft desert color palate. This is my passion and capturing the Terroir of the region in my work is what I'm most inspired by right now. In my farm life and in my hat-making life I seek to bring myself into closer communion with the land and the natural ebb and flow of the seasons.


Indigo dyed silk charmeuse halter gown


I feel unbelievably sexy and free when I wear my indigo silk gown. It celebrates my most womanly features and the intention behind the natural dye speaks to so much of what Inspires me as a designer and maker. I feel like I've found a comrade of a brand 💙

Tehya Shea